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"Bygone Era Revived "

Friday, May 20, 2011

On the above date a small deputation from 636 assembled and visited Lodge Edinburgh Castle No. 1764 at the Masonic Hall in Roseburn and witnessed a re-enactment of the believed rituals utilised for both First & Second Degrees back in the mid 1600`s.

The re-enactment was carried out by Mother Kilwinning No. 0, and both the words being used and the naration of scenes were apparantly taken diectly from the Minute Book of the time.

Unfortunately no names were taken for the names of the "Players"

Photograph shows what is believed to be the brethren in costume present at the time of the Degrees.

To view an enlarged version of this photograph please click "HERE"

"50 Yr Sevice Houours"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The lodge was privilidged to present 50 Year Certificates to three longserving & respected.brethren on the occasion of the Mark Degree carried out on the last Lodge night before the Recess.

Photograph shows the two of the three brethren present at the time of the photograph together with other key Brethren on the night - unfortunately Bro Donald Clark had departed before the photgraph was taken.

50 Yr. Presentation Party
To view an enlarged version of this photograph please click "HERE"

Left to right : Bro. Tom Jenkins; Bro. Angus Innes P.M. R.W.M.; Bro. David Rintoul P.M. SPGM; Bro. Jim Rintoul; Bro. Bro Neil Findlay R.W.M Lodge St.Kessacs No. 269.

"Pollockshaw Visit"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The lodge received an invitation to confer a Second degree within the auspices of The Pollokshaws Royal Arch Lodge No. 153 from Bro. David McLachlan RWM on the above date.
The Officebearers below formed a deputation and duly progressed to Pollockshaws to carry out this task.
Subsequent to the degree and in the following very pleasant Harmony glowing tributes were made regarding the execution of the degree.

Photograph shows the 636 Officebearers that carried out the 2nd Degree.

153 assembly
To view an enlarged version of this photograph please click "HERE"

Left to right : Bro. Kirk Rodger WSW; Bro. Davey Forrest PM DOC; Bro. Davey Scott DM; Bro. Derek Grant; Bro. Angus Inness RWM 636; Bro. Ian Harrower IG; Bro. David McLachlan RWM 153; Bro. John Dobbie PM Treas; Bro. Jim Bailey IPM; Bro. Mark Gibson PM Chap; Bro. Bob Stalker WJW and Bro. John Grant SD.

"50 Year Certificate"

October 13, 2010

The above date was a very special day for the Grenville Lodge No 1787 in the town of Buckingham near Milton Keynes.
Not only was it the Installation of Bro. Charlie Henderson as the Lodge's Master but a surprise had been prepared for his father, Bro. Walter Henderson.
Walter, aged 90, had actually been Initiated in his native Scotland in 1954 into Lodge Buchan St John No. 636. The Grenville brethren had discovered that Buchan St John has its own website and after contacting the webmaster it further transpired that a Past Master of Buchan St John was also a Province of Buckinghamshire mason and living nearby. Past Master Bro.Tom Quinn.
A small deputation of Buchan St John brethren, headed by the RWM Bro. Jim Bailey, attended the Grenville Lodge and as an extra item of business, Bro. Walter was presented with his 50 Year Certificate from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, a personal letter of congratulations from Bro. George Preston the Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master of Linlithgowshire, together with personal mementos to further mark this milestone in Walter's long masonic career.

Photograph shows the 636 brethren with Walter and his Certificate.

To view an enlarged version of this photograph please click "HERE"

Left to right : Bro. Bob Stalker SD; Bro. Mark Gibson PM; Bro Walter Henderson; Bro.Tom Quinn PM; Bro. Brian Mitchell PM; Bro. Jim Bailey RWM; Bro. Donnie Duncan DM and Bro. John Grant JD.

Bro.Tom Quinn PM

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