Past Masters
Lodge Buchan St. John - No. 636.

† indicates Passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

Where a Past Master or the associated date of office has a link indicated, a page showing the Masters Installation / Toast Programme is available.
Bro. William Cowan1879Bro. David F. Linton1960
Bro. Matthew Cowan1880-1881Bro. Thomas R. Scott1961
Bro. John Bell1882Bro. Henry Docherty1962
Bro. Matthew Cowan1883-1884Bro. James Stirling1963
Bro. John Thomson1885-86-87Bro. John Scott1964
Bro. William Calderhead1888-1889Bro. Robert Wilkinson1965 
Bro. George Paterson1890-1891Bro. Hugh lnglis1966
Bro. Matthew Cowan1892Bro. Frank Hastie1967 
Bro. Norman M. Henderson1893-94-95Bro. Robert Binnie1968
Bro. William Cameron1896Bro. Joseph P. Linton1969
Bro. John McKay1897Bro. Walter McLean1970
Bro. John Pace Cleghorne1898-1899Bro. Gilbert Ruff1971
Bro. George Paterson1900Bro. Archie Mairs1972 
Bro. Alexander Walker1901Bro. Robert Bow1973 
Bro. John McKay1902-1903Bro. Alexander Curran1974
Bro. William Gray1904-5-6Bro. James McKenzie1975 
Bro. Robert Lamb1907-8-9Bro. Robert Lyons Jnr.1976 
Bro. William Gray1910-12-13-14Bro. Archibald Barclay1977 
Bro. John Douglas1915-16-17-18-19Bro. John K. Christie1978
Bro. Thomas Reeder1920-1921Bro. John C. Scott1979 
Bro. Charles lnglis1922Bro. Alex M. Cockburn1980
Bro. Alexander Brown1923Bro. Thomas Quinn Jnr.1981 
Bro. Thomas B. Shaw1924Bro. Brian D. Mitchell1982 
Bro. Alexander Davidson1925Bro. Archie Irvine1983
Bro. David Scott1926Bro. Peter Gray1984 
Bro. James Cowan1927Bro. Alan BoaI1985
Bro. Thomas Crawford1928Bro. James Hendry1986 
Bro. Thomas Reeder1929-1930Bro. Edward T. D. McKenzie1987 
Bro. Alexander R. Morrison1931-1932Bro. David Black1988
Bro. David S. Thomson1933-1934Bro. William Evans1989 
Bro. Robert H. Hope1935Bro. James K. Vaughan1990 
Bro. William Smellie1936Bro. Peter A. G. McRitchie1991 
Bro. James W. Young1937Bro. Andrew A. Burns1992
Bro. Robert Wilson1938-1939Bro. John Dobbie1993 
Bro. Hugh Dornan1940Bro. James J. Gullane1994 
Bro. William Peden1941Past Masters1995 
Bro. Hugh Peden1942Bro. James Black1996 
Bro. John Currie1943Bro. Derek Forrest1997 
Bro. James Buchanan1944Bro. David Forrest P.M.1998 - 1999 
Bro. Henry Smart1945-1946Bro. James Hendry P.M. 2000 
Bro. George Davidson1947Bro. Murray Speirs2001 
Bro. James Galloway1948Bro. Mark Gibson2002 
Bro. William McLean1949Bro. James J. Gullane P.M.2003 
Bro. Andrew Hannah1950Bro. David Rintoul2004 
Bro. John Mcllwraith1951Bro. David Forrest P.M.2005 
Bro. John Blair1952Bro. Derek Armit2006 - 2007 
Bro. David Scott Jnr. 1953Bro. James Armit2008 
Bro. Charles C. Knox1954Bro. Mark Gibson P.M.2009 
Bro. Robert Aitken1955Bro. James Bailey2010 
Bro. John White1956   
Bro. Thomas Manderson1957   
Bro. David Bertram1958   
Bro. James A. K. Vaughan1959   

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